Feeling Fat (Not Over Weight Fat)

Recently I started reading Dave Ramsey’s book, “Total Money Makeover.”  D and I started reading this book before we had AP (our son) but I was never on board.  I was in denial about our poor spending habits.  To keep this story short we did stop using credit cards and are getting close to paying all the debt off but between D’s student loans, debt payoff, and our over spending habits, it is time to make some tough decisions.  We are officially on a BUDGET!!!  Budget sounds like such a bad word and there are still things we need to tweak in our but I need D on board so we have to start slowly.  This is why I am feeling fat because we make pretty good money but it is all going to the wrong people.  I am actually excited about paying off D’s student loans, so I can stop logging into that website.  Have I mentioned how much I hate being in charge of our money!  I have never been good with money…I get money I want to spend it like it is burning a hole in my pocket.  I need someone to tell me how much I have to spend and cut me off and then add the whole family budge dynamic!

While I am feeling fat money wise (not in a good way), I am realizing the same bad habits (lazy) are in my cleaning habits.  The previous 3 weeks have been incredibly busy between concerts and D’s work.  Now that things have settled I am trying to re-motivate myself with Dave Ramsey.  Not only is he motivating me to cut our spending and pay off our debt but he is helping to look into the mirror and see the truth.  The truth is I am LAZY!  I don’t clean because I am LAZY.  I don’t feel like I have enough time.  Well DAMNIT!  I do have enough time to watch TV, so I just need to sacrifice some of my TV time for house time.

While I have been doing decently in the exercise department, my eating has been out of control.  Being a teacher I am constantly tempted with sweet treats and cupcakes (I love cupcakes).  My motivation to eat veganish has been diminished.  This is where I am feeling fat is in my eating choices.  Granted I have never been “fat” in my entire life but fat for me was when I wore a size 10 (about 5 years ago).  I can see myself easily slipping back there and that isn’t what I want.

I am back on track hopefully!


New Family Habit

The newest habit I have been working on with our entire family is hanging up our coats.  Normally in our house there are coats and shoes all over the place.  After about a week of enforcing this new habit with AP is doing this on his own.  He puts his shoes by the door and will put his coat in the closet (to bad he can’t reach the hangers).  D (my husband) is also hanging his coat up and putting his shoes away.  This has been a nice change because our small hallway and breakfast nook aren’t cluttered up with bags, shoes, and coats anymore.

As for my daily habits I slacked a little this weekend.  Due to being out late Friday and Saturday I wasn’t able to do my quick wipe downs before going to bed.  I hope to catch up tonight before I go to bed but I am exhausted and have a LONG work week ahead of me.  Hoping I don’t let these things hold me back.

Exercise Win!

This week my goal was to do week 1 of a couch to 5K  program.  I used podrunner intervals and it is a 10 week program.  I need to find a race now!

I have to say this week was successful.  I got up and ran Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Monday was easy because I wasn’t back to work but Wednesday and Friday weren’t to bad.  I am starting slowly.  My goal is to be exercising 6 days a week.  Since I don’t want to burn out I decided to start slowly this week.  Next week I want to add at least one more day.

The thing I must remember is I have a Triathlon in August that I need to be ready for.  As long as D doesn’t have to be a work to early I want to spin on Tuesday or Thursday morning.

As for weight loss…I have no clue.  It is hard to weigh myself because D is usually asleep when I wake up and the scale lives in our room.  Hopefully I will be able to give an update on that soon.


So far, so good

The title say it all. So far I am keeping up with my 2013 new habits.

Cleaning/maintaining our house is going great. I know it is only day 3 but Hubs is on board!  This makes maintaining the house easier. 

Exercise, is going well also. I haven’t made it to the gum this week but I ran I n Monday and Wednesday. I figured start slow and build up to my goal of exercising 6 dams a week.

My first exercise goal is to finish the 9week couch to 5K program. Tomorrow is the final day of week 1.  This will be the jumpstart two my next two goals of a Tri in August and a half marathon in Feb 2014.

I will try to be better about updates. 

The Beginning

2012 is coming to an end and at times it is hard to believe.  Let me start off by telling you a little about myself.  I am a working mom of one amazing son (talk more about him later).  During the day I am an elementary music teacher and by night I am a mom/grad student.

During this last year I have been working on changing some bad habits.  There are two major ones: maintaining a clean house and exercising.  Both are very important but usually are the first to come off my to do list.  My hope is by starting this diary it will help me to maintain and create new habits.  My two main focuses will be creating a new exercise routine and cleaning routine.

Exercise routine will mainly be me waking up to go to the gym.  In November I registered for my first Triathlon.  Luckily for me it isn’t until August!  With my grad class ending I am getting back into the routine of running 3 days a week.  Long term goal is exercise 6 days a week to prepare.

Cleaning has always been one of my long term battles.  I have NEVER been a clean or organized person. I have flirted with cleanliness a few times but seem to fall off the wagon when the going gets tough the cleaning stops.  I have tried many different blogs/websites but I just downloaded a new app for my phone Motivated Moms 2013.  I used the lite version for almost a week and loved it.  The list isn’t to overwhelming and I can always make up things I missed on the weekend.  I also love 20/10’s!

Goodbye 2012 and looking forward to a clean and fit 2013!